You need to be built up.
You need community.
Let us help.

As adults, we often spend much of our time tending to others' needs - our children, our parents. But sometimes in the busyness of helping others, we forget about ourselves. We want to come alongside you and meet your needs. That's why we have a range of programs and activities for adults! Check out the list below.


Groups are integral to life at The Point Church.  We believe that as a church we are called together, not just to attend services together on Sunday, but to really do life together.
A small group often becomes your group of best friends, the people you laugh with and cry with and wrestle over the tough questions in life with.  

There’s a special bond that exists among the members of a small group.
— Tracey McGinn, attending The Point Church for 19 years

PrimeTime Coffee Club

PrimeTime is a 50+ Coffee Club that meets twice a month at the Newcastle Site
Lobby.  It's a great time to visit and enjoy some coffee and sweets.  Most weeks,
a guest speaker joins the group to speak on an important topic.
This event takes place the first and last Wednesday of each month at 11AM
- with the exception of March and the summer months.


Rn'R takes place on the third Wednesday of each month at noon in the Fellowship Hall at the Newcastle Site - with the exception of the summer months.  It is a chance for those 50+ to come together for a delicious home-cooked meal and to fellowship with others.  Everyone is welcome!