It's all about the Partnership!

We believe the Home is the primary influencer when it comes to raising a child so we, as the Church, strategically partner with the Home. Below are the 3 ways we do this:


KidsPoint takes place during our Sunday morning services (times & locations here).  We have incredible programs (Orange Curriculum) from birth-grade 5 that include a mix of small group and large group time.  We are confident your child will love it!

Nursery & Preschool

Our wee little ones are some of our favourite people here at the church!  We love taking care of them on Sunday morning during our Sunday morning services.  We have qualified, trained, Kid-Safe Certified volunteers ready to cuddle, read to, teach, and get down and play with your little one this Sunday! Check out our Facebook page.

Elementary (Grade K-5)

School aged kids are so amazing as they begin really understanding on their own and processing things for their own. We design our morning to teach about the characteristics of God and how they are designed in His image. Check out our Facebook page.



We believe to truly partner with the family we need to partner all 7 days of the week. We believe Sunday is a catalyst to the rest of the week and so below are some of our key ways we resource those days.


We believe so much in partnering with the family that we want to create and offer an event for the whole family to do together. 'Family Night Out exists to celebrate the family through a fun, memorable event designed for the whole community.


We are always excited to have our kids team grow. If you would like to consider joining our team, simply start the process by filling out this application and email us at to setup an initial conversation.

We love coming to KidsPoint because we get to dress up at times - it’s really fun.
— Jaenna Matchett and Maddy McLean