PHASE: 'a timeframe in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future.'

Zero & One: when nobody sleeps, everybody smells, and one mesmerizing baby convinces you 'I Need You Now!'

One & Two: nobody's on time, everything's a mess, and one eager toddler will insist 'I Can Do It!'

Three & Four: anything can be imagined, everything can be a game, and one curious preschooler wants to know, 'Why?'

Kindergarten & First: unfiltered words make you laugh, homework makes you cry, and life becomes a stage where your kids shout, 'Look At Me!'

Second & Third: fairness matters most, differences get noticed, and your enthusiastic kid thinks anything 'Sounds Like Fun!'

Fourth & Fifth: friends are best friends, games are for competition, and your confident kid will insist, 'I've Got This!'

Sixth: there's never enough groceries, too many hormones, and a dramatic kid that needs someone to prove, 'Who Cares.'

Seventh & Eighth: nothing you do is cool, everything is fun in a crowd, and one smart kid will keep reminding you, 'Yeah...I Know.'

Ninth: friendships shifts, grades count, and interests change so often your teenager has to explain, 'This Is Me Now.'

Tenth: everyone else can..., nobody else has to..., and your resolute teen will push you to answer, 'Why Not?'

Eleventh: there's less drama, more stress, and your very busy teenager answers all your questions with 'Just Trust Me.'

Twelfth: your emerging adult pulls away, gets closer, does things for the last time and you both start asking, 'What's Next?'