MARCH 5 - APRIL 9, 2017

Sunday @ 11:00AM

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ThursdaY EXPRESS @ 7:30PM
Sunday @ 9:30 & 11:00AM

The Bible says that we all - the whole, entire, complete bunch of us - like sheep, tend to prefer to do life our way, on our own.  Even learning life's toughest lessons as they come, on the fly, the hard way, the results are often so much less than we hoped!

None of us are perfect, so all of us can learn a few helpful, practical life hacks from scripture that will help us handle whatever is flung toward us!

Join Pastor Kevin J. Matthews and the entire Point Church team as we begin an all-new six-week teaching series designed to help all sheep handle the tough stuff in life!

Week #1 - Wholly Sheep!  Shovelling out what's in the mirror!
Week #2 - Wholly Sheep!  Digging deeper with difficult people!
Week #3 - Wholly Sheep!  Climbing out of a financial mess!
Week #4 - Wholly Sheep!  Overcoming a health care crisis!
Week #5 - Wholly Sheep!  Mending relationship fences!
Week #6 - Wholly Sheep!  Dealing with losing a loved one!