We don't believe our students are our future.
We believe they are our present.

Students who call The Point Church home get involved in everything we do.  They're connected through ONEIGHTY Wednesdays and Youth Group on Sundays. They volunteer.  They give their resources and are passionately inviting their friends and family to connect with our church.  They're not waiting to make an impact. They're making one now.

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Youth Group

Youth Group takes place Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm at the Newcastle Site. This is the group for youth wanting to learn more about God and really dig into their relationship with Him. It's a chance for large group fun, small group discipleship, listening to great music, and going on exciting trips!



Oneighty Youth takes place on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm at our Newcastle Site for grades 6-12.  It's a chance to eat great food, play awesome games, meet new people, and learn what it means to have a relationship with God!

If you're looking for a place to have some fun with friends, and a safe place to belong, then Oneighty is the place for you. We have 4 spaces set up to allow you to have fun with friends and connect with one of our friendly volunteers.
The Gym - anything and everything to do with sports.
The Ship - the room for both watching and making movies.
The Rec Room - board games, crafters/painters, hang out with friends.
The Chill Room - challenge your friends to air hockey, foosball or video games.

I love ONEIGHTY because the games are super fun, the prizes are awesome, and we watch awesome fun and entertaining videos on God.
— Shania Jardine, Grade 7 student

Are you a parent?  Want to keep up to date with all things youth-related?  If you have a student in grades 6-12 then this text reminder will give you helpful info on our programs, what we're teaching, upcoming events, and any cancellations through the snowy winter here in Miramichi.  Send a text to the phone number below to start receiving updates!

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Fun, Exciting, Joyful
Always willing to lend a hand
And listen to what you have to say
Come without feeling scared or embarrassed
Always leave wanting to come back
Next Wednesday
Oneighty something different every week
— Sam Hayne, Grade 9 Student