WHO: This application is to be filled out by anyone who is wanting to volunteer with kids/youth at The Point Church in a non-teaching role.

OVERVIEW: At The Point Church, volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create fun and engaging environments for kids/youth to learn who God is and how He wants them to live. We could not open the doors of our churches without the incredible volunteers who offer their gifts to serve our kids/youth.

STEPS: This application form is step 2 of our 3-step process for volunteering (1 - police check, 2 - application, 3 - interview) as we are passionate about protecting our kids/youth and volunteers.

Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
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Are you a current member of this church? *
ie. Sunday School volunteer 2012-2014 at First Baptist Church, Miramichi & served coffee 2016 at The Point Church
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With submission of this application, I authorize the Kid Safe Certification Committee of The Point Church to collect personal information as they deem appropriate to my volunteer position. I understand that the information obtained will be kept confidential and shared among Certification Committee members only. If certified, I agree to attend all training events for which I can reasonably be available. I agree to pursue a lifestyle that is consistent with the New Testament teachings for believers and strive to keep a daily growing relationship with Christ. *

Please take the time to read our Child Protection Policy.

Character Reference: Kids Ministry (send 2 non-relatives this link to fill out and submit for you): www.thepointchurch.ca/character-reference-kids-ministry

Character Reference: Youth Ministry (send 2 non-relatives this link to fill out and submit for you): www.thepointchurch.ca/character-reference-youth-ministry